Ecommerce Associate Manger

Job Description

Posted on: 
February 2, 2022

The  Nature’s Way Ecommerce Associate Manager will help build the Nature’s Way  brand through Ecommerce excellence, guiding Nature’s Way through a rapidly  changing Ecommerce environment on third party Ecommerce sites. He/she will be  responsible for partnering closely with the marketing business owners to  develop and implement Ecommerce plans that will be integral to carrying out  the brands’ plans to drive growth in revenue, market share and profitability  in this channel. The Ecommerce Associate Manager will work alongside the  sales team, trade team, brand team and the digital team to drive ecommerce  sales growth. This individual will bring a deep understanding of the levers  to drive organic and paid brand awareness, consideration, and conversion on  third party marketplaces to their work. The ideal candidate displays a bias  for action and a passion for making data driven decisions


The  Ecommerce Associate will have the following duties and  responsibilities:

   Build, grow and strengthen key Ecommerce relationships.

   Work closely and collaboratively with the sales, trade, digital and brand teams  to achieve Ecommerce growth goals
   Understand and advise the organization about Ecommerce best practices and  how to interact with a diverse environment of Ecommerce partners
   Understand Ecommerce consumer behaviors and trends to ensure Nature’s Way  is building strong consumer and vendor relationships via Ecommerce

   Drive Ecommerce growth.

   Develop strategies to grow Nature Way’s Ecommerce sales by increasing brand  awareness, share of digital shelf, share of voice & impressions on key  retail platforms
   Help build and deploy marketing strategies, working across Nature’s Way  brands, for Ecommerce and search activities to increase the amount of traffic  driven to brands and products ultimately increasing conversion, providing  cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, increasing basket sizes, driving sales  growth and brand loyalty
   Partner with brand teams and agencies to help plan & manage powerful,  sales-generating campaigns
   Bring best practices in pay-per-click and SEM/SEO to Ecommerce advertising  and marketing strategies

   Identify, optimize, and manage content opportunities needed to support  Ecommerce; work with cross-functional teams and agencies to get content developed,  deployed, and optimized
   Track and monitor campaign performance, working to continually adjust for  improved performance
   Analyze and communicate results to internal stakeholders to ensure we are  leveraging the most effective forms of Ecommerce investment where it is  driving the best return
   Identify new and emerging Ecommerce opportunities
   Stay up to date with marketplace changes and developments and evolve go to  market strategy in coordination with Ecommerce Manager to support the  evolving environment

   Evangelize Ecommerce best practices throughout the organization.

   Help the organization plan for and implement tools needed to drive  optimization & efficiency, understanding how product/content management  tools and merchant tools are used
   Collaborate with appropriate teams to help advise the data strategy around  Ecommerce content (i.e., product imagery, descriptions, enhanced content,  reporting, etc.)
   Bring knowledge and expertise of the Ecommerce user experience and Digital  Path to Purchase to our teams to ensure we are maximizing sales across the  organization
   Report and monitor Ecommerce performance and translate learnings and  insights into actionable next steps for our teams with recommended actions  and activities

Job Requirements


   Required: Undergraduate college degree in marketing, business or a related  field. Strong knowledge of and experience in e-commerce merchandising and  sales, e-commerce promotion and budgeting, SEO, paid search and digital  marketing. Demonstrated strong business judgment and decision-making skills,  including ability to prioritize and manage multiple initiatives to drive  greatest impact for the organization. Excellent relationship-building skills,  with the ability to work across various departments within the organization  to deliver Ecommerce sales results. Aptitude for, and demonstrated experience  learning, new technologies.

   Preferred: Experience managing and growing ecommerce sales for a consumer  brand on Amazon,,, & Instacart a plus.  Experience with Salsify and Syndigo also a plus.

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